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Gol Tikki Mehndi Design | All types of tikki style Mehndi

Tikki mehndi designs is a fundamental part of each occasion and festival all over the world. Whether it’s Eid, party, celebration, Diwali, karwa chauth, or wedding functions like Nikkah, mehndi, and waleema, mehndi is a mandatory part.


The preparation is incomplete for these festivals for ladies as well as baby girls, especially in Asian countries like Pakistan and India. Age doesn’t matter to put the mehndi/Henna on hands for females. Regarding mehndi designs, there are various styles and types based on culture and country. Everyone has different choices like old traditional mehndi designs tikki and the latest 3D mandala designs.

Table of Content
  1. Traditional gol Tiki Mehndi Design
  2. Heavy Tiki Mehndi Design
  3. Diamond Mehndi Design
  4. Triangle Mehndi Tiki Design
  5. Square Mehndi Design Tiki
  6. Arabic Tiki Mehndi
  7. Peacock Tiki Mehndi Design
  8. Foot Tikki Design

So here are you looking for a tiki mehndi design or maybe mandalas? Then, here you find all types and styles of mehndi designs fingers. Tiki design mehndi is the original pattern of each mehndi design.


Here I will give you all the traditional tiki designs as well as the latest design of round mehndi. All over the world, some typically used diamond, circle, oval, triangle, hexagon, square, mango, and peacock-shaped Tikki mehndi.

These new gol tikki mehndi designs promise to add a touch of elegance and flair, making your hands a canvas of creativity.


Traditional gol tiki mehndi design

Traditional beautiful tikki mehndi designs is a basic pattern of all other complex tiki mehndi designs. It is an ancient diagram of a round shape Tikki mehndi. It is also called tribal mehndi design.

tikki-design-back -hand

Simple gol tiki is the sweetest design and is very easy to draw in very less time. This round plain circle tiki can apply on the front and backhand as well as on the feet. Moreover, this tikki mehndi designs easy is for all times mehndi design. The new Gol Tikki Mehndi designs are perfect for occasions, adding a touch of elegance  to your hands and feet. 


It is never getting old and able to draw on hand feet on every type of festive including for brides. Mehndi tikki designs as a bridal mehndi is a more demanding design among ladies in Pakistan and India.




Heavy tiki mehndi design


As simple new Arabic mehndi designs are eye-catching, heavy tiki mehndi is also a decent design. Floral round tiki designs getting more complex and heavy with the combination of leaf patterns, petals, curves, circular dots, and peacock designs. Circular mehndi design works for all types of hands.

tikki-and -finger -mehndi -design

It looks very fascinating and decent for bridals. To gain a traditional look at festivals, ladies love to put mandalas on their hands, palms, and feet.



Diamond mehndi design

Diamond mehndi designs simple tikki is very popular among ladies nowadays in Asian countries. Because every lady wants some uniqueness at festivals or weddings.

Traditional simple tiki is used with a new and stylish pattern like a diamond with different combinations of Patel, leaves, swirls, dots, lines, and branches.


Diamond-shaped tiki designs can draw on the front hand as well as on the backhand. Simple mehndi tikki designs or heavy floral diamond shaped both gives you a very classy look.



Triangle mehndi tiki design

Triangle tiki design is also another new mehndi design for girls. It is a very trendy and stylish mehndi design for all ages of females. Triangle shape tiki mehndi gives a classy look and eye-catching style of henna. It is very easy to draw.

Just draw a simple triangle and fill it, then get it a combination of curves, Patel, dots, leaves, and lines according to your choice. Afterward, complete your tikki mehndi designs with some swirls and motifs.

simple-tikki-henna -designs

Here you can see some attractive triangle mehndi designs which you can put on your front hand as well as backhand and palms also. Modern triangle mehndi design is far from all other typical mehndi designs.




Square mehndi design tiki

Square-type mehndi design is very pretty and a little bit different from round tiki mehndi design. Usually, the bride demands a square box mehndi design and check square mehndi for her engagement function.

Square mehndi designs tikki can draw on the front hand as well backhand. This type of box mehndi gives you an attractive look at wedding functions.

This unique square mehndi needs a simple square box and then you can draw a different combination of floral patterns to get a classier look.



Arabic tiki mehndi


Arabic style mehndi is one of the most popular designs in Asian countries. Simple Arabic mehndi in tiki style gives a perfect look with the combination of Moroccan style mehndi.

The combination of mehndi designs tiki in a Modern style mehndi with the Arabic touch is easy to draw for the front hand as well as the backhand. The combination of Pakistani tiki mehndi and Arabic style never go of vogue. It is still unique and ladies’ favorite mehndi design.



Peacock tiki mehndi design

Some demands a filling pattern of henna-like peacock mehndi design. In this tiki mehndi design, the edges of the hands fill firstly with beautiful lining and dots.

Then a simple Tikki or floral mehndi style is drawn on the palm, front hand, or even on the backhand with a combination of leaves and a pattern of the peacock.

It is also a trendy style of mehndi in eid festivals, parties, events, and especially at wedding functions. The peacock round mehndi tiki design is very suitable for brides that gives a traditional look to the wedding dress.




Foot tikki Design

The foot Mehndi Tikki takes center stage, featuring ornate motifs that gracefully adorn your feet, creating a mesmerizing allure. Embrace the beauty of this art form as the delicate lines and curves weave a story of tradition and modernity. Whether you're attending your special occasion, wedding or celebrating party, these designs raise your style, making you the epitome of grace.


foot-mehndi -tikki

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