changing tyre of moving car

Somebody changed tyre of moving car on road? Random fun facts

Yes, there is a heart-stopping video seeing five pupils changing the tyres of a moving car in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


You can see this random fun fact that Support Utility Vehicle (SUV) is being driven on the right front and back tyres as the left tyres are getting changed. Netizens came up with amusing comments on this stunning and fascinating performance. This is an unbelievable but true fact happening in Jeddah.

Like you can see

  • “Imagine being these guys and accidentally dropping one of the tires ”.
  • “I hope they put their seatbelts on when they got back in!”
  • “They are sober…imagine the possibilities”
  • “You wouldn’t want to drop a bolt in this situation.”
  • “I like how other cars passing salute them by climbing out of the car while it's driving.”
  • “I like how they actually zigzag in an attempt to do this stunt lol”
  • “This just completed my life”
  • “Word of advice to my driver’s ed teacher who showed this to a class of teenagers: DON’T”

There is a ton of interesting facts around us. A million random and cool facts happening daily all over the world. This is an ever-crazy fact of moving a car so smoothly. Obviously, it is not possible for the drive tyres on only one side of any vehicle to be in stationary condition while the car is in motion.


It is important to mention here that performing stunts without safety measures and guidance can put your life at risk or getting seriously injured.

Each year, countless people are blotted out due to overspeeding, carelessness, failing to follow traffic rules, and rash driving.

So, be careful and enjoy doesn’t mean without care.

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