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Pakistan needs calm for long-standing Kashmir: Imran Khan

Pakistan wants a serene answer for the long-running Kashmir debate, Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a discussion with China's driving TV station, Chinese Global Television Network (CTGN), Radio Pakistan detailed.


The chief showed up in a meeting with the CTGN during his as-of-late closed visit to China. PM Imran Khan said that the Kashmir issue assumes the part of a bone of dispute between Pakistan and India, as he underlined the requirement for a political answer for all provincial struggles through discourse.

He communicated profound worry over the helpful emergency in Afghanistan, asking the worldwide local area to send in help for the 40 million Afghan individuals.

The head said that Pakistan and China have made plans to accept Afghanistan as the main concern in the comity of countries.

"The Afghan public has been living in a condition of battle throughout the previous forty years, while Pakistan paid the most for it for the sake of battle of fear," PM Imran Khan said


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