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Ugliest Lady of Earth | Sacrificed Her Dignity for Her Children


Table of Content
  1. Early Life
  2. Suffered From Disease
  3. Elected as Ugliest
  4. UK Trademark
  5. Objection Filed in Magazine

Early Life

The ugliest lady on the Earth planet…..She is Mary Ann Bevan, an English woman who was known as the ugliest lady on the planet! She was brought into the world on 20th December 1874 in London by a working-class family. she was one of eight siblings in her family. as she entered adulthood, she started practicing as a Nurse. photos show the attractive features she was. In 1903 she was married to a greengrocer Thomas Bevan.

Perusing more with regard to her life settled on my decision her the most wonderful soul on the planet.

Suffered from Disease


Mary Ann suffered a disease known as Acromegaly (caused due to excessive growth of Hormones, and whole-body tissues and bones grow so fast) because of this she had unusual development and facial distortion even her body started to deform.


After her better half's demise in 1914, with no provider in the house, aggregating obligations, and monetary requirements of four children, she chose to participate in the embarrassing challenge and won the bitter title of "The ugliest lady on the planet".

Elected as Ugliest

In this competition of ugly one, a large number of people participates like, giant, tiny, fat, conjoined twins, even each physical disabilities   Later she was employed by a circus carnival, visited from one city to another, where individuals came to giggle and embarrass her.

She persevered through the derision of others to bring up kids and provide them with superior personal satisfaction. 

UK Trademark

Bevan's picture was utilized in the mid-2000s, on birthday cards in the United Kingdom as a trademark that shows references to visually impaired/ blind dating.

Objection Filed in Magazine

Later on, in 1927 a Dutch specialist Doctor submitted a question to Time Magazine that it was the shame of her actual lady's appearance by sickness and reported that way to criticize her physical appearance.


In this way, the trademark acknowledges it and stops the appropriation of cards. Right up until today, society passes judgment on individuals on their actual appearance not internal beauty.

Challenges like miss universe, miss world, and so on are directed to ingrain the possibility of actual magnificence in the personalities of individuals.

Assuming that our eyes could see spirits rather than external excellence, Marry Ann would have been the most excellent lady to date. She picked her youngsters over her confidence and self-esteem. She passed on in 1993.

This title and humiliation helped to feed and grow up her four children.

That was the Beauty of a MOM!!


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