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Unique city in world where no one can use electrical appliances


Technology is developing all over the world. Today's era has gone digital. Smartphones are in everyone's hands. At the same time, there are items in the houses with the latest technology.

Even in such a time, there is a city where no one can use electrical equipment. In this city, people are banned from everything from mobiles to TV and radio. No one can use these things and if anyone is found doing so, they can be arrested and sent to jail.


The city is located in Pocahontas County, West Virginia, USA. Its name is Green Bank City or green bank science center. About 150 people live in this city. No one in the city uses electronic devices even any modern technology such as mobile phones, TVs, or radios because it has the world's largest stabilizing telescope available. It is also known as the Green Bank Telescope.



World’s Largest Telescope

This green bank radio telescope is so big that a large football field can fit in one of its dishes.  It is five hundred meters aperture spherical telescope, 485 feet long, and weighs 7,600 metric tons. The most amazing thing is that this biggest telescope can be moved from one place to another and is fully steerable.

This most powerful radio telescope is owned by the US National Observatory of Radio Astronomy and it costs $95 million. It was established in 1958. From here, scientists study the waves coming to Earth from space.


Reason behind Ban

The telescope is so large that it can pick up signals in space 13 billion solar years away. Therefore, Wi-Fi and all electronic devices like TV, radio, and mobile are banned in this area. In this city children’s toys are also banned. Because the waves coming out of them affect the waves coming from space.

This is why electronic devices are banned.

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