glass hummingbird feeder with bee guard

Glass Hummingbird feeder with Bee Guard

Hummingbird feeders are the best source to make your yard colorful, and to attract beautiful tiny hummingbirds. There is nothing more beautiful and charming than watching flutter hummingbirds.

Table of Content
  1. Types of Hummingbird Feeders
  2. Aspect Hummingbird Feeder
  3. Jewel box Hummingbird Feeder Instruction
  4. Droplet Glass Hummingbird Feeder
  5. How do Work Glass Hummingbird Feeders?
  6. Hummingbird Feeder Cleaning Brush
  7. How do Choose Bee-proof Hummingbird Feeders?
  8. How to Attract More Hummingbirds?


Types of hummingbird feeders

There are two types of hummingbird feeders:

  • Dish hummingbird feeder
  • Glass Bottle hummingbird feeder





The dish hummingbird feeder is also known as a saucer feeder. Saucer holds the hummingbird nectar beneath the feeding ports.

The bottle hummingbird feeder is like to bottle type and nectar is on top of the feeding port. DIY bottled hummingbird nectar feeder takes is a lot of effort to clean thoroughly.


You can recycle the wine bottles into this hummingbird feeder because they are ornamental and stylish.

You can make a homemade hummingbird feeder with wine bottles also with a recycling bin and garbage. This could be done very easily and smoothly.

So, let’s replace your ordinary nectar feeder with the most attractive and best bee-proof hummingbird feeder, and it is also a squirrel-proof bird feeder.

 These bee and wasp-proof nectar feeders are colorful and unique to attract hummingbirds and let’s get ready to see this little creature.

Aspect Hummingbird feeder



Aspect jewel box hummingbird feeder is the new window feeder and the best bee-resistant hummingbird feeder.

This jewel box nectar feeder is high viewing hanging feeder, easy to fill and refill, its red bright color makes it more attractive and shiny.

Hanging on to your favorite window and closed viewing makes your day beautiful in the spring season especially.

This window hummingbird feeder has a unique feature, just fill it with water to keep away ant moats and to make a wasp-proof hummingbird feeder.

A suction cup of an aspects hummingbird feeder can also adhere to the window. It is easily removable so that the bowl of aspects jewel box feeder can be easily cleaned thoroughly and changed.

Aspect hummingbird feeder 16 oz and 80 OZ capacity total nectar filler and have 4 feeding ports and is made up of unbreakable polycarbonate plastic material.

It has a wooden screw for deck rail mounting as well.


Jewel box hummingbird feeder instruction

Droplet Glass Hummingbird feeder



This Art glass hummingbird feeder is a set of 3 sparkling ruby jewels. For a long period, these glass nectar feeders are the best choice and more sustainable as compared to other plastic or metal hummingbird feeders.

Although, some glass hummingbirds also include some parts of plastic-like covers, perches, and feeding ports.

These are very stylish hummingbird feeder and has a lot of attraction for hummingbirds as well as other wild birds.

How do work glass Hummingbird feeders?

When nectar filled inside the feeder, the trapped air created more vacuum pressure. In this way, as the hummingbird's beak enters into feeder port, nectar is released in a small amount. Tiny hummingbirds can easily get fed the nectar.



Hummingbird feeder cleaning brush

The best brush to clean bee-proof hummingbird feeders is made of Stiff Nylon bristles which is a great tool to clean your hummingbird feeder inside and outside.

This kit contains 3 brushes with dimensions 16.5"x 2" x 2" for cleaning the following parts of glass hummingbird nectar:

  • Feeder bottle
  • Feeder bottle socket
  • Feeder port nozzle

One is with a straight end, for getting up into the nectar feeder, and the other is a curved end to get the neck back.



How do choose bee-proof hummingbird feeders?



If you are looking for tips to keep away the bees from hummingbird feeders then there are the following things that should be noticed before choosing the best bee-proof hummingbird nectar feeder:

  • Firstly, the bees and wasps are more attractive from yellow color, the bees and wasp target easily. So, to avoid bees, try to choose other colors except for yellow.
  • Bees and wasps keep away from red saucer feeders, so should try to choose a hummingbird feeder in red color.
  • Hanging hummingbird feeder in some shade area. Bees usually like to find food and nectar from sunny areas.
  • Use the ant moat hook in hummingbird feeders.
  • Watch the leaks in a feeder. Ultimately leaks ports attract the bees and wasps to, find and stop the leakage.
  • Honey bees are more like sugar so, make nectar less sweet for hummingbirds.


How to attract more hummingbirds?

Here are some tips to attract hummingbirds towards a nectar feeder that works actually.

  • To attract more and more hummingbirds towards nectar feeders, you should use more red colors like hanging red ribbons in the feeder area and yard, red nectar feeders, and red flowers.
  • Use the bee-proof nectar feeders.
  • In homemade nectar, don’t use red food color.
  • Plant tall trees and shrubs that look like perches.

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