dangerous and interesting facts about lions

Dangerous and interesting facts about Lions

The lion is a huge cat of the variety of Panther local to Africa and India. The lion has a strong chest with an adjusted head, round ears, and a furry tuft toward its tail.

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  1. What do Lions Eat?
  2. The Lion Usually do Lives in Pride
  3. Pride Leader Called Mane
  4. Is There any Alpha Present in Lion Pride?
  5. Lions Pride Ranks
  6. Lion Roar Sound Distance
  7. Lion Roar Facts:
  8. Lifespan of Lions
    1. The Lifespan of a Lion in Captivity
    2. The Lifespan of a Lion in Wild
  9. Lion Cubs Facts
  10. Lions Vision


The lion has not many hunts, even though man is lessening the territory they expect consistently, which has placed the lion on the weak rundown of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

This implies that their normal environment is contracting alongside their numbers. They are gradually moving into the domain recognized as imperiled.

Lions are diurnal, and that implies they regularly chase for food during the day, yet they can adjust and hunt around evening time if the need feels.

The habitat of the lion is savannas, open woodlands, scrub, and grasslands. They live in many places but prefer woodlands and savannas. The Gir forest is the habitat of the lion in India.  There are the following facts about lions.

What do lions eat?

Lions generally chase and eat medium-sized to huge hoofed creatures like zebras, wildebeests and pronghorns, antelopes for their diet. They once in a while likewise go after bigger creatures, particularly debilitated or that animal which is unable to walk, sick ones, and eat found meat like a carcass.

The lion usually do lives in pride


The African lion is the friendliest of generally enormous cats in the world. A group of lions including male, female, and lion cubs called pride.


  A pride size can incorporate up to 30 creatures, yet commonly are comprised of 10-15, with five or six females, their fledglings (both male and female), and two guys who breed with the females of this pride.

Pride leader called Mane

The lion pride leader's name is the mane. The head of the Pride Mane guarantees that all rules and regulations are kept and that Pride Law is authorized. They likewise guarantee that lion cubs are remained careful and safe alongside their Pride mates.

Is there any Alpha present in lion pride?

Lion pride is not run by an Alpha male by any stretch of the imagination. Lion Prides are controlled by a gathering - of females. The females in the lion pride are for the most part connected since they as a rule stay in a similar pride for so long. Because of this perpetual quality, a lion pride can be supposed to be a matriarchal social design.

Lions pride Ranks

In every lion pride, there are specific ranks allotted to each lion.

  • Mane

The leader of each pride ranked as Mane

  • Queen

  The second-highest lioness is known as the queen. The offspring of this queen would be the heir of pride.

  • King

 King of pride manages over his territory, his statement is regulation as his voice will be heard.

  • Hunt chief

Pride lioness being at high rank as chief

  • Hunter

An adult lioness from pride accede as huntress

  • Cub

1-2-year-old lion (male or female)

  • Kahuna

 These are the healers of the lion pride, they are passionate about their talent in the healing touch.


Lion roar sound distance

Male lion sound will utilize their roar to frighten away interlopers and caution the pride of expected risk. It's additionally a demonstration of force among different lions. Lion sound can be heard from up to 5 miles away.

Lion roar facts:

Lifespan of lions

  • The lifespan of a lion in captivity

When given the right climate, it isn't unfathomable for a lion to outperform 20 years of age. Sometimes (like that Zenda and Arjun), they might even live to be 25 or 26 years of age. Lions will more often than not do well in bondage, flourishing with the steady consideration from their guardians.

  • The lifespan of a lion in wild

These huge cats have a normal life expectancy of around 10-16 years in the wild, contingent upon their admittance to nourishment and their regular environment. Notwithstanding, when a lion arrives at age 10, they begin to become frail and can't accommodate itself as they have been. The lioness has a more extended life expectancy than a male, even with these difficulties.


Lion Cubs facts

Lionesses are pregnant for three to four months and can give birth to two to six cubs. More than 80% of Cubs of lions die before reaching the age of two years by the mane of pride. It is very difficult to survive being a cub due to the ruling factor.

Mane kills the baby lion that is not their own and takes over pride or territory. Lion cubs are born with spots and as they grow, the spots on the body fade out.

Lion cubs learn from their mother how to defend and fight with claws and teeth.

Older cubs often bully smaller cubs and try to steal their food until smaller ones can stand for themselves.

The baby lion is kept hidden by the mother lioness from other lions even from her pride.


Lions vision



Lions have good eyesight and they can see in the dark. Around evening time, an intelligent covering on the rear of the lion's eyes at night assists with mirroring the twilight.

This makes a lion's eyesight perception multiple times better compared to that of a human. Lion eyes likewise have a white fix of furbelow their eyes which assists with mirroring much more light once again into the eye.


Lion's eyes have fewer cones which have good vision at night but can see fewer colors.

Lion's eye color is Amber or brown.

Lion's eyes are 6 six times more sensitive than the human eye.


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