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5 Best Dirt Bike for Kids 2023

Riding on a dirt bike for kids of all ages is a great activity. There are many possibilities for playing motocross fields for juniors in 2023.  Dirt bike riding is a great source for kids to spend time with family, have wonderful exercise, stress-reliever, and have a lot of fun.


For a kid, owning a dirt bike teaches many responsibilities like well-maintain, mechanical skills, self-safety, confidence, saving from bad influences, and making a strong bond between friends and fellow riders.

Here I have an explanation about specifications, pros cons, and key features of the top 5 best dirt bikes according to brands. First of all, the main factor buying a motorbike for the bike that you need to know is the size of the dirt bike and the age of your little one.

Table of Content
  1. Kids Size Guide Chart for Dirt Bike
  2. KTM 50 SX | YAMAHA KTM 50 Mini
    1. Features of KTM SX 50
  3. TT-R50E Yamaha Dirt Bike
    1. Features of TT-R50E Yamaha
  4. Honda CRF50F Dirt Bike
    1. Features of Honda CRF50F
  5. Suzuki DR-Z50 Dirt Bike
    1. Features of Suzuki DR-Z50
  6. Husqvarna TC 50 Mini Dirt Bike
    1. Features of Husqvarna TC 50

Kids Size Guide Chart for Dirt bike

This chart will help you a lot in buying dirt/ drift bikes according to Kid age, body height, the seat of the dirt bike, and engine capacity. So, let’s have a look.


Kid Age

Body Height

Engine size

Seat Height


3-6 year

2’11 inch

50 CC

23-24 inch


6-12 year

3’7 inch

50 CC-110 CC

26-31 inch


12-14 year

5’2 inch

125 CC

31-35 inch


14-16 year

5’2 to 5’8 inch

250 CC

35-39 inch


KTM 50 SX | YAMAHA KTM 50 Mini

The KTM 50 SX is a genuine motocross machine. It is ready to race, a veritable soil bicycle that, similar to its greater kin, is created with top-quality parts, genuine race-reared input, and insightful turn of events.

It's implied that the KTM 50 SX is the main decision while venturing into the universe of MX.


Features of KTM SX 50

  • Kick starter
  • Seat height is 29.92 inch
  • Weight without fuel is 41.5 kg
  • Single-speed automatic transmission
  • 40 mm stroke
  • 5 mm Bore
  • Centrifugal clutch adjustable
  • 1 cylinder 2 stroke engine design
  • XACT WP Rear Suspension
  • XACT WP 35 front suspension
  • 205 mm suspension travel front
  • 105 mm suspension travel rear
  • Disk front brake with 160 mm diameter
  • Disk rear brake with 160 mm diameter

  • Lighter than most 4-stroke Dirt bikes
  • Fast in speed
  • Clutch is adjustable
  • Handling of the bike is quite easy
  • Provides a high level of stability
  • Gives maximum support and safety
  • Can add training wheel if a kid is too young
  • Very loud in sound
  • Need extra maintenance
  • Too fast in speed for beginners

TT-R50E Yamaha Dirt Bike

Another strong and dependable gas motor kids' dirt bike, is likewise proper for the more youthful riders. Yamaha's fuel infusion framework is extraordinary.


It offers all the great you would get from a 2-phase motor, yet without the issue of premixing fuel. The completely programmed transmission is not difficult to dominate, and the shaft drive holds support down and which is a security highlight.

Ideal for your little rider who can simply curve the choke and start their experience.TT-R50E-Yamaha-Dirt-Bike

Features of TT-R50E Yamaha

  • The engine type is 49 CC air-cooled
  • Seat height is 29.2 inch
  • Automatic clutch
  • Telescopic fork front suspension
  • Single-shock rear suspension
  • Ignition is CDI (capacitor discharge ignition)
  • Bore 36.0 mm
  • Stroke 48.6 mm
  • Drum front brake with 80 mm diameter
  • Drum rear brake with 80 mm diameter


  • This dirt bike has an electric start mechanism
  • No worry about clutches
  • Reliable and smooth brakes
  • Reducing the chances of an accident
  • Compact drum brakes
  • Kid-friendly features with stylish design
  • Could be heavy in weight for some kids
  • Less potent in comparison to other dirt bikes

Honda CRF50F Dirt Bike

Protected, dependable, and fun is what you get from this Honda bicycle in all kid's dirt bike. It is incredible for the youthful riders, the main thing that could scare them may be the launch just, however, it is a helpful element, and one they will dominate in a matter of moments.

The bicycle offers down-to-earth USD suspension alongside a flexible back shock for rough terrain solace.

Security is one of their principal concerns, and guardians will cherish the keyed start and choke limiter. The 4-cycle motor is solid and it doesn't need pre-blended fuel.


Features of Honda CRF50F

  • Single-cylinder air cooled 4 stroke engine
  • Bore 3.9 cm
  • Stroke 4.14 cm
  • Capacitor discharge ignition
  • Rear Brake drum with trailing 8.0 cm
  • Front Brake drum with trailing 8.0 cm
  • Automatic clutch
  • Seat height is 59.9 cm
  • Piston valve carburetor
  • Inverted telescope fork front suspension
  • Single shock rear suspension
  • Six-month transferable warranty
  • Contain all standard equipment

  • Enclosed front and rear brakes enhance efficiency and smoothness
  • Require little maintenance
  • Strong rear and front suspension is beneficial for bumpy roads
  • Easy to handle
  • Protective gear for 2022 Honda CRF50F
  • Provide enhanced griping and footing
  • 2022 Honda CRF50F is more suitable for beginners and small kids, not suitable for tall and heavy-weighted kids
  • Kids May suffer from Stiffer suspension especially when riding off-road


Suzuki DR-Z50 Dirt Bike

Suzuki offers a sum of three soil bicycles for youngsters, two of which are four-strokes and the more modest of which is the DR-Z50.

It is fueled by a carbureted, 49cc, air-cooled motor that is outfitted with electric beginning alongside a kick-starter similar to reinforcement.

It includes a programmed grip and a three-speed transmission. Different particulars incorporate a rearranged fork, 10-inch wheels front and back, and a 0.8-gallon gas tank.



Features of Suzuki DR-Z50

  • Clutches with3 speed gearbox
  • Key ignition
  • Durable suspension and brakes
  • Weight is 55kg
  • Engine capacity is 50 CC
  • The height of the seat is 55.3 cm
  • Controls throttle limits

  • Useful kick and electric start enabled
  • Durable suspension and brakes
  • Available in eye-catching yellow color
  • Easy to operate gearbox
  • Difficult to find spare parts
  • Not available plentiful as other bands in the market
  • More expensive in comparison to other dirt bikes
  • Fewer features available in this Dirt bike

Husqvarna TC 50 Mini dirt bike


Notwithstanding being the littlest soil bicycle in Husqvarna's setup, the TC 50 Mini has some great parts including a WP XACT 35mm altered fork, WP XACT shock, and 160mm circle brakes front and back.

With a seat stature of only 22 inches, the TC 50 Mini requests to the game's most youthful riders.


Features of Husqvarna TC 50

  • WP XACT 35mm altered fork
  • WP XACT shock
  • 160mm circle brakes front and back
  • TC 50 dirt bike has large radiators that work together with spoilers to channel air efficiently through the cooling fins
  • Automatic clutch
  • High-performance cylinder with exhaust valve
  • Engine capacity is 50 CC
  • 2-stroke engine featuring class-leading performance

  • Extraordinary durability and stability
  • A rigid longitudinal frame makes it easier to handle
  • Contain latest technology combination in 2022 model
  • Too much expensive

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