13 foods can help relieve a headache or margarine

13 foods can help relieve a headache or Migraine.

Headache is a medical problem related to age or gender, but in modern times the number of people suffering from this disease has increased alarmingly.

Headache is the most common disease of the nervous system. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it affects 50% of men and women in the total population. The research by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology is considered the most authoritative.

The university's special team studied 357 research publications from 1961 to 2020 and then, in the light of their research, concluded that 52% of the world's population suffers from headaches every year and 15.8% daily. Complaints seem to be based on headaches, half of which are migraine headaches.

Stress, blood pressure, and any kind of physical disorder are common causes of headaches. In most cases, the headache is harmless, but if left untreated, it can sometimes lead to serious illnesses such as stroke and anemia.

There are millions of medicines available in the market today for the treatment of headaches on which people spend billions of rupees every year.

You may feel temporarily relieved from the use of these drugs, but did you know that these drugs have several side effects, which can lead to other medical problems. So here we are going to tell you about the foods that can help you get rid of headaches without any side effects.


Watermelon ranks first in the treatment of headaches through diet as it is not only rich in potassium and magnesium but also contains 90% water and dehydration is said to be the most common cause of headaches.

Therefore, watermelon is very important in the treatment of headaches. However, it is important to always try to get fresh watermelon because the fresher the watermelon, the more water it will contain.


The importance of potatoes in terms of efficacy cannot be denied and it is more effective in headaches, especially for people who are addicted to illicit beverages because the use of these beverages causes dehydration and potassium deficiency in the body.

Lack of water and potassium in the body is a major cause of headaches and potatoes are rich in water and potassium, so whenever you suffer from headaches due to a lack of water or potassium, boil potatoes immediately. Use mashed potatoes, which will lead you to recovery.


Almonds are rich in vitamins and minerals which are considered to be very beneficial for your health and these save you from the problem of headaches.

Almonds are rich in magnesium which helps in reducing nerve and muscle tension and controlling blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause headaches and migraines, so include foods rich in magnesium in your diet.

Increase the use of almonds etc. to prevent headaches and other ailments. Along with magnesium, almonds also contain a compound called salicylic acid, which acts as aspirin in the body. According to experts, eating 10 to 15 almonds a day with a doctor's advice can prevent a few other problems, including headaches.


Fish is another food that can be used intermittently to relieve headaches. Fish, especially gray fish (mackerel) and salmon, are rich in omega-3 fats, anti-inflammatory, and protective ingredients. The use of gray fish is very useful for people who suffer from migraines.

Similarly, salmon contains several ingredients, including omega-3s, which enhance the brain's ability to function. So even if you don't like fish, you must eat it once a week in combination with other foods such as eggs.

Rosemary (fragrant shrub) oil

Have you ever used rosemary oil in home remedies? If not here's a new product just for you! Humans have been using this herb for hundreds of years for mental health and strength. These properties of rosemary are due to its anti-inflammatory ingredient and other pain-relieving properties.

Its use improves sleep and relieves muscle tension. The best way to use rosemary is to put a few drops of it in almond or coconut oil and lightly massage it on the back of the ears and forehead or take a bath with a few drops of liqueur oil in lukewarm water.


Did you know that intestinal problems can sometimes cause headaches? If a migraine causes stomach upset, as well as headaches due to an upset stomach or intestines, then your body will not be able to fully digest the food, and other medical problems, including headaches, will result.

So one way to avoid this situation is to eat foods that are high in riboflavin, riboflavin is a vitamin that is very beneficial for improving the metabolic system, ie it increases the ability to digest, and mushrooms ie Mushrooms are one of the foods rich in riboflavin.

Various studies have shown that riboflavin is very effective in treating migraines. So use mushrooms as a salad for breakfast or lunch so you can get rid of headaches permanently.


If you want to get rid of the headache or prevent it from getting worse, turn to bananas immediately as bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium. Low levels of potassium in the body can cause high blood pressure and blood sugar, which in turn can lead to severe headaches. Bananas contain 74% water, so eating bananas can eliminate all the above-mentioned deficiencies.

Cayenne pepper

If you like spicy foods, then you will love this headache treatment. How can red pepper work in the treatment of headaches? The method is to put a quarter of a teaspoon of red pepper in half a cup of warm water and mix it well, then add a little cotton to this water.

Dip one foot into warm running water, then rub the cotton into your nostrils gently, although this may not make you feel good, various scientific studies suggest that you may have 40 days after the procedure. You can keep the symptoms of headaches away from yourself.


Ginger is commonly used in food in Asian countries, which is undoubtedly due to its usefulness. Ginger has many benefits, but one of them is also a treatment for headaches. It naturally contains chemical compounds that reduce the swelling of the blood vessels in the head and relieve headaches.

Ginger increases the level of serotonin in the body, which is considered to be very useful for blood vessels. Making ginger tea with meals and drinking it can also get rid of other medical problems including headaches or at least get some relief from them.


Whether you like the taste of spinach or not, there is no denying the fact that this green leafy vegetable is very useful for the human body. Spinach contains good amounts of magnesium and folic acid, which are very helpful in reducing the severity of headaches.

Regular intake of magnesium reduces the risk of migraine by up to 40%. In addition, spinach helps reduce blood pressure and inflammation, which causes headaches.


Simple yogurt without any artificial flavor is rich in essential vitamins and various nutrients. These vitamins and nutrients relieve headaches along with other problems. These ingredients include magnesium, potassium, vitamin B2, and vitamin 12. And as we have said before, all these compounds reduce inflammation in the body, and muscle tension and improve blood circulation.

Apple cider vinegar

The benefits of apple cider vinegar are known to the world, not just today, but from ancient times. People drink it and add it to face masks or shampoos, but recent research has uncovered another benefit of apple cider vinegar. And that is the treatment of indirect headaches, it contains a large amount of potassium which is necessary for the compounds to fight headaches, and it also helps in controlling blood pressure. Medical experts say that putting a quarter of a cup of vinegar in two cups of warm water and taking its steam relieves headaches.

Mint oil

The use of mint oil to fight the symptoms of headaches is becoming increasingly popular, especially in cases where the oil becomes more effective when the headache takes the form of tension, in which case mint oil is applied to the forehead and buttocks. The pain disappears or is significantly reduced within 15 minutes of application.

However, keep in mind that the effect of mint oil is very strong, so always use it with caution, because applying the oil on the skin unnecessarily can also cause burns.

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